The Old Testament prophet made remarkble impact of the spiritual life and history of humankind.They were consistent and passionate about the message they preached in spite of the challenges they faced.The way they preached was in resonance with or reflected the socio- economic and the spiritual life at the time in their contexts.

However,many of them were disregarded and abused by the people to whom they brought God’s word:Jeremiah was thrown into a pit because because of the warning she gave ,Amos was told to go back home to his own people .Many of them were not given the respect one would assume someone bringing the word of God should have had.

Huuum! That’s unfortunate and serious.

Lesson: Discuss together how a prophetic ministry can present too much of challenge to the people to whom it is brought.


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Using the prophetic books you will have analysed the way the prophets received God’s message for the poeple of Isreal/ community.

The prophets are mainly ,but not exclusively ,found in the Old Testament.

Which New Testament Prophets can you think of?

The Prophets are the mouthpieceof God.They did not only ‘ see into’ the future occurences or events to come ,and foretold them ,but they alo pronounced on what they saw as God’s interpretation of current events. They were the linguists or the ‘mediator’ between the people and God.They could both foretell the future and give a commentary on the events and the attitudes of the day.

They were like the traditional fortune -tellers who are described as people who had ‘eyes ‘ and could ‘ see ‘ through things.They usually seen as those who saw beyond the physical realm- they saw what was hidden in the ground.

One writer outlines the following ways as authentic means by which God’s message came to the prophets?

Heard an audible voice

Through vision

Through a dream

Through a revelation

Why would you accept the above -listed ways as authentic means by which God’s message came to the prophets?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of these means of receiving messages?

Compare and contrast the prophets of the Biblical times with the modern times with the modern -day prophets and how the community/ church understand them.

What are are some of the possible challenges faced by ?

1)The prophets of the Biblical times

2) The modern- day prophet?

Why would the prophets of the old want to embellish the messages they received/receive from God?

How about prophets of this generation?

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